Lenten Stations of the Cross

On Fridays during Lent, after morning Mass, the Celebrant will lead the Stations of the Cross, except on First Fridays, when the faithful may offer Stations of the Cross privately.



Income Tax Receipts for the Year 2012 have been prepared, for donations of $20 or more over the year, and are ready for pick up at the back of the church. On request, tax receipts will be prepared for donations between $10-$20.

We thank all those who make their sacrificial offering each week.  In particular we thank those who remember that church expenses don’t go away, and make up for missed offerings on the weekends when they are away!

Please ensure to write or indicate the amount of your offering each week on your envelop, to ensure that you receive proper credit for your donation!


St. Cecilia’s Parish Office Hours

Please note the regular office hours commencing January 2013: Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can also contact the office via email at stceciliatoronto@gmail.com or call (416)769-8163


COINS FOR LIFE 2013  Campaign Life Coalition

Thomas Cardinal Collins,  Archbishop of Toronto has stated that: “The Coins for Life project is a most appropriate way to support the important pro-life efforts of Campaign Life Coalition.”

Boxes can be picked up at the back of the church, and will be collected Sunday, April 7th.

Make it a family project! Putting aside your small change can lead to a BIG change in our land!


Pancake Breakfast of last Sunday…

Thank you to Maria and her crew of wonderful volunteers for the delicious breakfast and other delights!  Thank you to all who came out to enjoy the event! $609.00 was raised in support of our restoration fund!


First ShareLife Sunday – March 17, 2013

Together, we can work WONDERS!

Together we are continuing to work wonders…

“Our Pope has described charity as “the true force that changes the world.”  This statement is definitely true when we talk about ShareLife, the primary charitable appeal of our Archdiocese.  Through our active involvement in ShareLife, we reach out to some of the most vulnerable, marginalized and needy people in our midst.  We also help our neighbours, friends and fellow parishioners as they work through difficult times.  In our region, we have the chance to exercise Catholic charity in a true meaningful way.  Please consider supporting ShareLife, the annual fundraising appeal of our Archdiocese, during this Lenten Season.” – Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto

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