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“I first came to Rose of Sharon as a pregnant, young mom, thinking this would never happen tome,” explains Brittany, now with her five year old son Ethan and one year old daughter Sarah. At 17, Brittany came to Rose of Sharon to enroll in the mother baby programs designed to assist her and her new family get on their feet. Everything from diapers, food, clothing, cooking classes, completion of high school education, Ontario Work application, resume assistance and more was available to her. Within a year, she was able to use her new-found skills to adjust to her new life. Brittany thanks ShareLife donors for their financial support to help them deal with the challenges they have faced, and learning to grow as a family and enjoy each other.

Last year, over 6,000 young parents received the care, counselling, and educational support they needed to care for themselves and their new families.

Next Sunday, May 29 2016 is ShareLife Sunday. Please give generously. You can work wonders!


19th National March for Life in Ottawa on May 12th 2016

On Thursday May 12 2016 six parishioners from St. Cecilia’s parish traveled to Ottawa to take part in the 19th National March for Life! We were encouraged by Jim Hughes, the National President for Campaign Life Coalition. We were reminded of what our Cardinal Thomas Collins has stated:

“Mindful of the inherent dignity of each person, it is time for families across the country to have a difficult, but necessary conversation about the reality of death. We need to understand their destructive implications of these legal changes and offer truly loving and merciful alternatives.”

Please renew your commitment to life, to respect and protect it at all its stages, from conception tonatural death, and pray for the creation of a new culture on life in Canada, and worldwide, where being in the womb isa true haven, and being old or disabled is not a step to death. Let us end the killing!

Please consider joining is for the 20th March for Life in 2017!

Thank you!


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