The epiphany of Our Lord marks the end of the Christmas Season, and is the 12th day of Christmas.

The word ‘epiphany’ comes from the Greek word ‘epiphainen’ meaning ‘shine upon’, ‘to manifest’ or to ‘make known’.  Jesus was ‘made known’ to the gentiles for the first time with the visitation of the three Wise Men or Magi.


2014 Offertory Envelopes are ready for pick-up at the back of the Church!

If you are a new member of our parish, and have taken a numbered, unlabelled offertory box of envelopes, please follow a few steps to ensure that your donations will be properly recorded in 2014.

Please print you full name, address, and phone number on the offertory envelope, when making your first 3-4 2014 donations. This will ensure that the office staff correctly record your personal information, (to ensure you receive an income tax receipt at the end of the year.)

In order to reduce costly printing waste, we have reduced the number of boxes ordered for 2014.  For this reason, some of your will be receiving a new number commencing 2014.

Please begin to use your 2014 envelopes commencing January 1, 2014.  If you are receiving a new numbered box, your record will be updated accordingly, commencing January 1, 2014!

New envelop users/parishioners and/or unregistered parishioners are requested to fill out a Parish Registration Form and  return it.


2014 Sunday Missals

The new Missals for the coming Liturgical Year are on sale after all Masses.  The cost is only $5.00 each.


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