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First ShareLife collection last weekend: We raised $8280.00 towards our parish goal of $30,0000!

Together, we can work WONDERS!

Working wonders for young mothers…

“I love my daughter with all my heart, and that makes me a good mother, but all of the support and education I’ve
received from Rose of Sharon has made me a great mother,” says Lisa. She has also been given all the information
and tools to have a healthy relationship with her daughter’s father, and everyone else in her life. As far as her
career dreams… she will be graduating high school this year and beginning an advanced college diploma in Fashion
Business Management. Since Lisa became part of the Rose of Sharon community her life is back in the right
direction and things are actually falling into place. “Not bad for two years and one little phone call”.

ShareLife agencies provided counselling, support and community education to more than 6,200 young people last year – offering personal and group counselling to 1,705 pregnant youth and young mothers who turned to them for help.

Second ShareLife collection – April 21, 2013.  Please give generously. You can work wonders!


Commissariat of the Holy Land in Canada, Good Friday Pontifical Collection for the Holy Land  March 29, 2013

In the Year of the Faith (2012-2013) we go back in time and place where our ecclesial faith was born and was gradually built. As the early Church and Christians of the Holy Land today, we know who has known and loved us: Christ among us, hope for glory. (Col 1, 27)

The Church of the Holy Land continues to be a witness of hope that challenges and supports us. This Church needs our hope and our solidarity. A prayer, a gesture and generosity can change loyalties. Our gestures of solidarity support the life of the Christian communities, the facilitation of social and charitable works and the maintenance of the Holy Sites. They ensure the training of priests for the present and the future.

The hope is shared and thus is transmitted. You just need the heart of a child of God to take in hand the light that passes through time and illuminates our path. A moment of wonder, attention to others and practical support are means always at our disposal to keep intact the memory of Jesus Christ, Hope of the Holy Sites and Christians of the Holy Land.

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